Sunday 13 December 2009

Work before anything, really!

Regrettably I decided to stay at home today in order to prepare for my exam in Contract Law tomorrow. I'm involved in the Hyndland Church Choir, and today we were supposed to be singing Daughters of Zion as an Anthem. Had it been any other day, I'd probably have gone this morning, but a combination of tiredness and revision means that I missed out. I'm a wee bit disappointed, as it's the last service I could have been at until the start of Second Semester, as I'm heading back up to Aberdeen midweek. Ach well, as long as the exam goes well tomorrow.

I'm really hoping the two questions aren't a nightmare. I've done a fair bit of preparation for this, but I can't help but feel woefully unprepared all the same.

Anyway, after a pretty solid 5 or so hours of reading through notes, and trying to memorise case names I've decided to take a break and make some food. The cupboards are nearly bare though so it looks like beans on toast! Oh for the joys of student life...

Points of View's on just now. Just occasionally people make a decent point on this show, but most of the time, the music and credits Nazis are out in force. And I'd like to know exactly WHO likes Miranda. It's quite possibly one of the most unfunny "comedy" show ever to have been commissioned, and its "star" is the least funny individual I've ever seen on television since Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand.

Then you've got people who criticise The Thick of It because of the strong language in it. Well here's some news for you all. People swear. A lot. Especially in stressful situations. People who don't/can't swear are often far angrier people because they have no stress outlet. It's maybe not desirable in certain company, but for the context here it's entirely appropriate. What's more some of the lines are absolutely priceless. My personal favourite tags are "fucking omni-shambles" and "they won't eat their own dicks: they're journalists not Rangers fans!". The semi-ad-lib nature of it also makes it seem so much more authentic and it makes it just so much more endearing. That said, the final episode of the series was a little bit of an anti-climax. His return seemed to be too easily engineered, although they have surely set themselves up for an election special. Stay tuned!

Still on TV, I can't believe some of the bad criticism Gary Tank Commander has come in for. I don't think people necessarily realise the stereotypes it sets out to ridicule properly. I found it absolutely side-splitting and light hearted: probably one of the best sit-coms to have come out of Scotland in the last few years (and I include the original Still Game in that.) I was in tears in the last episode when said protagonist started comparing the War with Iraq to making a cheese sauce! A must watch for everyone!

That's all for today. Time for some nosh then back to this Contract exam preparation! Can't wait to get it out the way as then it's just the Politics exam and I'm off home for Christmas!


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