Monday 14 December 2009

Skating on Thick Ice!

Well today wasn't the nuclear destruction I'd quite expected it to be! I woke up in a buoyant mood and the Contract exam seemed to go pretty well, too. A huge weight off the shoulders that the "biggie" has been sat and it's just the Politics one left on Wednesday.

I have, incidentally, discovered that it is now a proven fact that the regime that is the most efficient in killing pre-exam nerves is to stay up until 3:30am installing Windows 7 as acquired at the special student price of £34, then force yourself to get up at 6:30am, eat a bowl of Sugar Puffs, walk 3 miles mostly uphill to University, buy a half litre bottle of Sprite and a bacon roll from the Hub, consume, read over notes rapidly as a final half-hearted attempt at retaining knowledge, and then pray that the compulsory question contains the stuff you actually know the cases for. Infallible. Fact.

On the subject of Windows 7 I've obviously not been using it long but already appears stabler and slightly more aesthetically helpful than Vista. long may it continue!

Afterwards, as a means of celebrating the end of the Law exam diet, a few of us went into George Square to partake in something I last tried about six years ago: ice skating! Michael quickly picked things up again after his lessons in the distant past, and Jonny and I eventually got the hang of it. Meanwhile, Messrs Cameron and David watched on sneering before bailing abruptly to KFC. They missed out on good fun. I must confess to falling once, though in my defence, I was trying to slow down as I got stuck in traffic... honest guv!

I've always liked German food in it's "stodgy" filling sort of way. With this in mind, I decided to take a quick gander down to the German Market outside the St Enoch Centre. Smoked pork loin with sauerkraut in a bun: I died and went to heaven! It reminded me of the food we ate in our holiday to the Rhineland in 2008. It's not fussy, it's not special or particular: it's gleeful and cheerful and leaves that glowing feeling inside. I'd recommend that those who have the opportunity head along: it's great. I was tempted to try the Mulled Wine, but on a student budget, the price was prohibitive!

On a slightly sadder note, I also went into Borders today to spend the remainder of last year's Christmas gift card! Of course, there was the "small" issue of them being in administration and gift card expenditure having to be matched pound for pound by the customer. It's a real shame that book retailers are succumbing to the monopoly of Waterstones. Sure, they provide a huge library of books, but it just feels too franchised. It was the same when Ottakers was bought out in Aberdeen. Terrible shame. In any case, I bought Eddie Jordan's autobiography, which ought to be a good light hearted read for the Christmas break!

Finally, I had the Jags Trust monthly board meeting this evening. I thought it went relatively well and we were well on the way to getting to the heart of some pretty key issues. A lot of work still to do and obstacles to outmanoeuvre, but we're getting somewhere. It was promising to see the Race Night balance sheet looking pretty healthy too, so hopefully the money raised can go to good use.

That's everything for now. Tomorrow I'm going to make an ambitious attempt at half heartedly studying for Politics, pretending to have read Lijphart and Dicey. Excellent.


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