About Me

Hello! I'm Graeme Cowie, a 25 year-old student pursuing a PhD in Public Law at the University of Glasgow, having completed my undergraduate honours LL.B. at the same haunt in the summer of 2013. I also teach undergraduates in one of their most dispiriting and reading-list-excessive public law courses at the University of Glasgow. Though born in Glasgow, I grew up in Kirkcaldy and Aberdeen, before returning to the Dear Green Place for University.

I'm one of those people with an unhealthy interest in politics. I am a liberal cosmopolitan who doesn't see the term neoliberal, properly deconstructed, as an insult but a badge of honour. I am not aligned to any political party, but was formerly a member of the Liberal Democrats from 2011-2016. My primary political interests are the constitution, civil liberties, the justice system, and education. I stood as the candidate for the Scottish Liberal Democrats in the East Renfrewshire constituency in the 2015 UK General Election, and suckered a whopping 1,069 people into voting for me, proving that at least 1.88% of the population are just as mad as I am. My legal interests are mostly constitutionally-based, but I also take an interest in (particularly Scottish) legal history, ecclesiastical and international law.

Away from the serious stuff, I am a cricket enthusiast, admittedly in recent years more as a spectator than a participant. That said, my top score of 21 for Dunecht Cricket Club against Huntly is still a personal highlight and my unconventional off-spin did have a scalp or two to its name many moons ago. I also occasionally watch snooker and Formula 1.

My television binges focus a lot on political drama/satire, including The West Wing, The Thick of It, Yes Minister, Designated Survivor, Newsroom and Parks and Recreation. Until they all got sacked, I watched a lot of Top Gear. Though not generally a sci-fi fan, I make an exception for Doctor Who. Most conventionally of all I am an addict of Modern Family. On the big screen it's hard to get past James Bond, my favourite being Timothy Dalton.

I own two degus, called Zeitgeist and Schadenfreude. They will gnaw through absolutely anything with the tenacity of a keyboard warrior who's not had his dinner. Naturally we are a match made in heaven.

When not pursuing something vaguely sporting or glued to a television screen, I can be found under the bonnet of my 1976 MG Midget 1500. The red menace is my one indulgence in life, rattling and roaring whenever it pleases. In truth though, it spends more time in the garage as they try to repair the bodges my dad and I have done before to make it work.

Since it's usually too cold to work on the car, I have an indoor project or two that conspire to keep me busy. I have built three personal computers from scratch in recent years, which thanks to YouTube advice and instruction videos is a lot easier than you might think.

I've avoided mentioning it until now but alas I'm also a Partick Thistle fan! Following the Jags is a metaphor for life: every silver lining has a great big cloud trapped inside it. The question is not will it rain; it's how best should you moan about it.

That's me really.