Photos of Life

This is a poorly edited, semi-chronological selection of photographs that capture parts of my life. Enjoy.

The Early Years

When the idea of running at someone with a
camera was the most hilarious thing ever (Inchberry 1993)
Toast and Egg in the Wig-wam (Inchberry 1994)
Showing a love for steam engines from an
early age (Kirkcaldy 1994)
Father and Son: Pretending to help while actually
pushing each other since 1994
Cricket Chique persevered (Kirkcaldy 1995)
An early aptitude for vehicles (Inchberry 1995)
When Mungo was knee-high to a grasshopper (1996)
My grandfather, the later Prof Gordon S. Cowie
Still the family's only good golfer

The School Years

Even at school I had ideas beyond my station
(RGC Music Tour of Barcelona 2007)
Sixth Year Christmas Dance (December 2008)
Doctor Who Exhibition (Kelvinhall, Glasgow, April 2009)
Batman, Robin (Andrew Murray) and... Elton John (Chris Dyer) watch the
Convicts beat the Poms (Headingley Test, 2009)

Operation LL.B. (Hons)

What they never warned you was this is how the photographer
told you to smile. Never listen! (June 2013)
With Prof Jim Murdoch on Graduation Day (June 2013)
Dad and I were just glad mum worked out how to use the camera.
(Graduation June 2013)
Proud grandmother. Mother demonstrates peak enthusiasm.
(Graduation June 2013)

GUU Times

GUU Parliamentary Debating - Her Majesty's Loyal Tory Club 2012-13
(Leader: Paul Baird, Rt. Hon. Convener of the Night)
GUU Parliamentary Debating: Club Leaders 2013-14
Left to Right: Hannah Gower (SNA), Duncan Crowe (IndSoc),
Me (Tories), Heather Whiteside (Whig), Brian McCarthy (Distribs)
GUU A - Ljubljana IV Final in preparation for
European University Debating Championships 2014 (Zagreb)
(Me and Heather Whiteside)
Mind that time a national debate caused me to have an existential crisis?
(GUU Freshers Week Debate September 2014)
GUU IV Debating - Glasgow Contingent ESU Scottish Mace 2015
(St Andrews)
GUU Billiards Hall - Daft Friday (December 2015)
GUU Parliamentary Debating - Independent Socialists 2015-16
(Leader: Gayle Haig)

Friends and Travels

Outside the Austrian Parliament
(Interrailing with Matteo Catanzano August 2014)
Gazing out over the Olympic Stadium
(Interrailing, Munich, August 2014)
A sucker for elegant transport - cracking tram
(Interrailing, Prague, August 2014)
May or may not have slipped 5 seconds earlier. New Year's walk
(with Sarah Macdonald, The De'il's Cauldron, Comrie, January 2015)
Ben Nevis Summit (28th May 2016)
Ben Nevis Summit - We Made it! (28th May 2016)
Left to Right: Nathan Paulson, Me, Heather Whiteside, Brian McCarthy
Outside the San Siro (September 2016)

Vote Graeme Cowie for East Renfrewshire 2015

The calm before the storm - Nick Clegg and the Battle-bus
(Bearsden, May 2015)
Mind that time I was accidentally there when Scottish Labour collapsed?
(May 2016)


Sister's 21st Birthday - Brother, Father, Future Husband
(April 2015)
A lighter Christmas moment (Aberdeen December 2015)
Dan's - Painful - Stag Do. Paintballing (Uphall June 2016)
Proud as punch brother of his smart sister - Kay's Graduation
(Edinburgh, June 2016)
And then the shambolic one that will be remembered longer!
(Edinburgh, June 2016)
Mungo and Lucy at Strathspey (Inchberry 2013)
Zeitgeist on the Porridge Oats (2015)


My pride and joy: the MG Midget on its first trip south to Glasgow
(The Horn, Perthshire, September 2013)
It always did look better with the hood
(Milton of Crathes, April 2016)

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