Tuesday 1 March 2011

10 films I must see this year

I'm not a frequent cinema-goer, but there are some films I really want to see but haven't been able to recently, or which are coming out over the next while:

1. West is West: sequel to the brilliant 1999 film East is East. The travails of George Khan an immigrant from Pakistan and his family in Britain.

2. The King's Speech: It's won all the awards and I've not bloody seen it yet!

3. Paul: A highly touted Pegg and Frost special about a fugitive alien who's more human than his companions

4. The Lincoln Lawyer: film adaptation of Michael Connelly's novel by the same title about a criminal defence lawyer working from the boot of his car who lands the case of his life.

5. The Adjustment Bureau: A politician running for high office faces a dilemma in the form of a mysterious woman

6. The Iron Lady: Meryl Streep in the title role - biopic focuses on events around the Falklands War

7. The Inbetweeners: The big-screen edition of a very funny sitcom. Will be interesting to see if they can pull it off

8. Atlas Shrugged Part 1: Ayn Rand's novel is being turned into a trilogy on the big screen. Not sure if there's a UK release date yet but worth a look if so.

9. No Strings Attached: I have a soft-spot for the occasional chic flick. Sorry

10. Johnny English Reborn: due out in October, the sequel to Rowan Atkinson's very amusing parody of the James Bond films

Now to see the damned things...

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