Sunday 13 February 2011

Welsh Dragon Scorches Murrayfield and other news

Poor result today at Murrayfield. A high error count was caused by poor ball handling and carrier support. The strong performance in Paris should have been a springboard onto a good tournament but in the face of an organised (though far from spectacular) Welsh team has dumped Scotland firmly in the fight to avoid the wooden spoon.

Elsewhere, the Glasgow Uni Law Ball was on Friday evening. They held it at the Glasgow Science Centre again and as usual it was a great night (well, it became morning... the official hours of sleep were 5:45am until 11am!): food, alcohol and most of all the craic. I'll go no further than to say that seeing certain people in a different environment was if nothing else illuminating...

What I didn't expect was to be helping to change a burst tyre the following morning! Road surface conditions on Anniesland Road at around Scotstoun are absolutely diabolical. Vehicle concerned was one of several that had fallen victim to the various fissures and pot-holes. I've seen better roads in Malta, even Libya! Conditions are just as bad on adjoining streets but after the winter we've just had it's not that surprising. They'll really have to get to grips with it soon, though, as it's palpably dangerous.

Anyway a Politics essay on whether the state is the primary actor in international Politics to write for Monday coming up. Hopefully my body-clock will reset itself some time before I graduate.

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